Dear USC Community,

We all have a role to play in reducing our footprint on the environment—not only at USC, but across the region and the world. Our responsibility becomes more urgent every day, which is why I’m announcing our presidential working group on sustainable education, research, and operations. This group’s formation represents a significant step forward in achieving one of my key ambitions: to reimagine sustainability as one of the four main pillars of USC’s priorities. 

We’re already making progress, but there’s much more we can do. A comprehensive, university-wide approach to sustainability will accelerate our efforts. The working group will provide leadership and guidance, and will recommend meaningful changes to lessen our environmental impact. 

I’m grateful to all the faculty, staff, and students who are giving their time and energy to be part of this working group. Their collaborative efforts will help channel our capacity for innovation into actions that promote the wellbeing of our environment. The group’s initial conversations will look at ways to make sustainability a focal point of undergraduate education, and will eventually extend to every aspect of our mission.

Your input is essential to this process. We encourage you to send feedback to the working group at, and to visit The website also provides information on sustainability initiatives currently underway at USC.

Strengthening our commitment to sustainability starts with an honest examination of the choices we make every day. It’s up to us to write our planet’s future—collectively, we can make a real difference that will resonate for generations.


Carol L. Folt